Flipped Classroom

With our innovative methodology, which is used in all our programs, you will learn faster as you will be asked to prepare the unit online prior to the class so that you are then able to take 100% full advantage of your class with your trainer. As a result you will be able to immediately apply and recycle new knowledge and communication skills that have been introduced.



Before each class, your trainer assigns either a structured class activity or a personalized activity as part of your learning pathway which suits your preferences and meets your personal learning objectives. There are billions of possibilities! You will therefore be ready to take full advantage of your virtual class with your trainer.



When your class time arrives your trainer will contact you for the speaking session via the telephone, Skype or Web Chat. You will carry out the oral speaking activity that has been assigned for that class so that you are speaking and using the language from the very beginning! You will find that you quickly develop the confidence that you need!



After the class, your trainer will assign you an activity to help consolidate the language and techniques that you used in your session. You will also receive a personalized report with the mistakes and corrections from the class, new words and phrases and tips and recommendations that will help you improve your fluency and accuracy.

Language Levels

We use the Common European Framework for our linguistic competence and ability levels.

Level CEFR Level Description
1 A1 Beginner
2 A2.1 Pre-Intermediate 1
3 A2.2 Pre-Intermediate 2
4 B1.1 Intermediate 1
5 B1.2 Intermediate 2
6 B1.3 Intermediate 3
7 B2.1 Upper-Intermediate 1
8 B2.2 Upper-Intermediate 2
9 B2.3 Upper-Intermediate 3
10 C1 Advanced