Program Management

360º management of your language training program

Our objective is to free your company from the costs associated with running a training program.
For that reason we work closely with you from the very beginning to make sure that your plan is a complete success!



Needs analysis and segmentation of key training groups

We identify the key learning objectives and segment the groups according to their critical learning competencies.



Language training program design

We provide each student with a flexible program that fits in with their work commitments and is aligned with the needs of the company.



Initial level assessment

We evaluate the starting level of each student in order to make the best learning recommendations for them.



Assigning courses and objectives

We assign each student with a personalized program in line with their competency level and professional needs.



Turnkey Management

We implement, manage and evaluate the most complex training plans with specific and detailed reporting.



Quality Control

We measure the quality of our programs with a sophisticated, comprehensive and efficient reporting system.



Training Funding Arrangements

All of our programs and services are funding-friendly and are designed to meet the requirements of funding bodies thereby reducing the associated administrative burden for our clients.