The best teachers

Qualified native teachers

Having carried out an exhaustive selection and training process, we can say we have the best team of native teachers.
They’re passionate about teaching, and they’re passionate about their job!

Teaching professionals

All our teachers are qualified native speakers of the target language with at least two years. Our selection and training department ensures that our teaching team achieves the highest standards of performance.

Specialised teachers

We have specialised teachers who focus on language skills for professional and business purposesand on enhancing teamwork dynamics, based on their experience of these training approaches.​

Senior Teachers

Every teacher can call on a Senior Teacher for assistance, supervision and ongoing assessment to ensure the quality and success of the training programme.

Best-rated by students

Students can rate their lessons and teacher on the platform. Real-time ratings of the programme enable us to be proactive in ensuring excellent service quality and tracking each teacher’s performance in detail. Thanks to our cutting-edge quality system, we achieve excellent satisfaction scores!

Continuing training

All our teachers follow an internal continuing training programme to equip them with the best classroom teaching techniques and keep them up to date with the latest improvements to our teaching and learning model.