Companies and Business Schools united at the Merit Summit 2017

On January 18 & 19, the Merit Summit 2017 took place at the Barcelona World Trade Center, a venue for generating and sharing innovative ideas within the higher education sector, as observed by Christophe Coutat, Advent Group’s Managing Director.

The event brought together 206 participants from 23 different countries. More than 100 were Human Resource Managers and L&D experts from 80 companies, such as Philips, KPMG, PepsiCo, Deloitte and Virgin. The other half came from 32 of the most prestigious business schools around the world, including, for example, ESADE and London Business School.

The theme of the first Merit Summit was “Learning in Times of Globalisation” and this was covered through workshops, panel discussions, case studies and many other activities where the participants were able to share ideas and knowledge about leadership development and training as part of corporate development, amongst other things.

Aishah Davis, Head of Product Management for Training Express, participated on a panel discussion, together with representatives from Engie, Sodexo and Deloitte. As market leaders in language and skills training, Training Express was able to offer their expert opinion on learning and development strategies that can help corporations to shift to a “digital mindset”. They also touched on current topics, such as the collaboration of HR and IT departments for training delivery, digital collaborative work spaces and HR’s role in revolutionizing and innovating learning.

At the end of the highly successful two-day event, a conference wrap-up took place, summarizing all the key takeaways and learning highlights.