Sector Specific

What is it?

Do you work in the Energy sector? Do you know how to talk about the most important aspects of your job in English with confidence? In this course, you'll learn and practice all the relevant vocabulary for the sector.


Course Content

The following topics are covered in the course:

  1. Introduction to the Energy Industry
  2. Markets & Segments
  3. Customer Needs & Requirements
  4. Research & Development
  5. Protecting the Environment
  6. Regulation of the Energy Market
  7. Safety Issues / OH&S (Power Plant)
  8. Competition and Investment in the Energy Sector

What am I going to achieve?

You will learn and practice relevant language to:

  • Talk about different types of fuel and energy sources
  • Discuss types of power plants/energy companies

  • Describe regulation and the future of different markets
  • Talk about different types of customers
  • Outline the supply chain
  • Discuss consumer choices/watchdogs
  • Describe ways of saving energy/reducing pollution