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The only training plan that can really meet your needs

The right program for your profile

Language Program

Our business language training program is available in a variety of languages. It is built around a structured program focused on specific business language and aligned to the CEFR Common European Framework.

Specialized Programs

Our Specialized Programs are made to measure courses which are designed to cover the key language and vocabulary areas that you need based on your professional profile.

Skills Courses

These courses are aimed at improving communicative skills competencies and include such themes as negotiations, speaking in public, leadership and motivation.

Training Express offers you programs that are adapted and aligned to the strategic needs of your company. Add real value to your training!

We will design the best learning pathway for you and your team using 3 key criteria:


Every student has different needs and our programs can be delivered virtually or online to meet that need.

The competence gap

According to the starting level of each student and their needs we can recommend the best type of training (one-to-one or group) and the best delivery format (extensive, intensive or workshops).

The objective

We design all of our programs with this in mind whether it be a standard language program, skills course or other specialized program.