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Tailored to your needs

Our language training programs are tailor made business focused courses that use a true blended learning approach. They are flexible courses whose contents can be adapted to suit the needs of each client, offering a perfect balance between structured learning pathways by level, and a personal improvement plan that meets the needs of the student or the group.

A complete program!

Our structured CEFR-aligned programs are available in a variety of languages.

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Training Express is one of the few global language suppliers that can cover any language on demand. Currently we deliver classes in Catalan, Euskera, Turkish, Russian, Japanese and Swedish to name but a few. Ask us about the language you need!

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We personalize the contents of your training program to meet your objectives!

You can choose between programs that are 100% structured, that ensure the student’s progress rapidly through their learning pathways, that are aligned to the CEFR linguistic competencies (grammar, vocabulary, speaking and listening comprehension and interaction and writing), or personalized programs that meet the training needs of the student (work documents, news, current affairs, role plays, business simulations etc).


The world’s only business language training program that offers every training solution: virtual and online. It combines maximum flexibility with an individualized study plan that meets the student’s personal learning objectives.

True Blended Learning

A program based on the blended methodology that integrates digital contents in the virtual class. It optimizes the effectiveness of your classes and your program!

Real Results

Designed to help working professionals achieve the confidence they need to communicate in another language in the workplace.

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