Comprehensive, Convenient & Custom-made

What is it?

Training Express Digital is an online, interactive, self-study program that is based on the world’s most comprehensive language learning curriculum. This is complemented by an exciting weekly magazine which helps you learn with up-to-the-minute news, videos, articles and games. Both Magazine and our Core Curriculum can be customized with specialized, skills and client-specific materials, so there’s no limit to where you can go with Digital.

Who is it for?

  • Learners who need an affordable approach to language learning.
  • Learners who are using any other Training Express services as part of a blended program.

“With Magazine we’ve finally found a leading-edge e-learning solution with highly relevant, motivating, and up-to-the minute content for our students.”

P.P., Germany.

Digital Advantages


Training Express Digital has more than 15,000 activities covering six language programs, making it the most comprehensive in the world. Plus it’s available on your laptop at work, from your tablet at home, or through our mobile app on your smartphone.


We specialize in customizing curriculum units to specific industries or job roles and providing custom client-specific editions of the Magazine, a critical element of making learning relevant and directly applicable to the day-to-day environment.

Updated daily

Our editorial team and pedagogical specialists continually update Magazine with up-to-the-minute interesting news, videos and articles from across the web.


We provide detailed reports and analytics on time-on-site, activity completion, and average scores that can be viewed online or customized and downloaded.

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