Fast-acting, effective ‘skills pills’

What is it?

Skills is a revolutionary new way to develop professional and personal skills in an individualized and flexible virtual format.

The service consists of one-to-one sessions (online or by phone) with a dedicated Skills Coach, who will guide you through a totally personalized program based on your individual learning goals. Our blended learning approach, flipped classroom methodology and microlearning format bring unprecedented efficacy and accessibility to soft skills learning and development.

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Skills characteristics


Break out of the mould of sporadic, expensive, one-size-fits-all skills training. Learnlight Skills programs are tailored to learners’ individual goals, needs and timetables for unparalleled relevance and impact.


Forget the time, expense and inconvenience of traveling to a different city or country for a skills training workshop. With our cloudbased approach, your skills program fits comfortably with your location and timetable.


Skills programs use small, bite-sized, ‘pills’ with a flipped classroom methodology and cutting-edge platform to ensure a fun, dynamic learning experience that delivers unprecedented engagement.


Skills programs are designed to succeed in a world of instant gratification and overwhelming distraction; each ‘skills pill’ is tightly-focused, directly applicable and delivers tangible short-term results.

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cursos de idiomas- virtual Virtual

Classes wherever and whenever you want via Skype, phone or Web Chat

cursos de idiomas - counseling Tutoring

Your Counselor will help you progress more quicky with your online study.

cursos de idiomas - digital Digital

Online courses via your mobile, tablet or PC.

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