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What is Tutoring?

Tutoring services are designed to support and motivate learners to get the best possible results from their digital program. Our tutors will guide you through the program in your own language, giving you advice and motivating you to achieve your goals.

Tutoring Services



We work with learners in their native language so not only do they get quick, clear guidance and support, but we also understand the unique challenges they face with their specific cultural and linguistic background.


We start every program with a detailed goal-setting session that uses the learners individual profile and personal needs to set a series of key program objectives. The counselor will then put together a plan on how to achieve those goals.


Every learner receives a different combination of calls, emails and messages, at different times, depending on their individual evolution in the program; their level of engagement, their progress through the program and the specific problems they may encounter.


The Counselor service is not about how many mails were sent or how many calls were made, but rather the tangible impact on learner outcomes, as reflected in: time-on-site, completed activities, and goal completion.

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cursos de idiomas- virtual Virtual

Classes wherever and whenever you want via Skype, phone or Web Chat

cursos de idiomas - counseling Tutoring

Your Counselor will help you progress more quicky with your online study.

cursos de idiomas - digital Digital

Online courses via your mobile, tablet or PC.

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