When clarity and eloquence count

What is it?

Writing is an on-demand service that allows learners to submit written materials to specialized tutors for detailed feedback, including mistakes, recommended phrasing, suggested vocabulary, and grammar tips.

Who is it for?

  • Learners who need to submit frequent written reports or presentations.
  • Learners who communicate regularly by email and other written correspondence.

“These days my boss is based in the UK so I work more with email and formal business reports. With Writing I’ve avoided some embarrassing mistakes and I’m learning how to express myself much more clearly when I write in English.”

M.H., Spain.

Writing Advantages


Writing has been designed to be as simple as possible. No need for any over-complicated tools; just email our specialist team and they’ll get back to you in 48 hours.


You can send our specialists any text you’re working on, from emails and memos to presentations and business reports. That way you get help and learn at the same time.


This service blends perfectly with Training Express Digital, enabling you to send your writing assignments to our specialists for corrections, suggestions and an official score.

Template Library

Writing specialists maintain an extensive library of email templates that they use to help learners with a range of specific assignments.

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