Blended Learning in the Cloud

What is it?

Our range of virtual services are delivered via our award-winning platform, with over 100,000 active students in over 150 countries. As it’s in the Cloud, learners can access and manage their training programs in a flexible way, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Our virtual trainers are the best of the best, as we only employ the top 1% of those who apply. Their number one priority is to make sure you reach your goals. Furthermore, our platform includes state-of-the-art tools that monitor a constant flow of satisfaction ratings and learner feedback so we can ensure each and every class is a blockbuster success.

Virtual Services



Virtual offers the best ROI for HR departments thanks to our perfect blend. It consists of online content along with dedicated personal trainers. Added to that is assistance when required and a rigorous evaluation process.

Global Reach

Virtual allows us to provide training to students in any place, at anytime and through a range of devices with specifically structured and personalized programs available in groups or one-to-one.

Guaranteed quality

The platform is based around a highly sophisticated management system. Students rate each session & their content which helps us to guarantee maximum quality in all our training programs.


Thanks to our powerful tracking and progress monitoring Trainers are in full control of each learner’s program ensuring you receive 100% benefit from the program.

Reduced Admin

Virtual facilitates the implementation of large training programs without the traditional office administration. No books, no papers. This allows HR to focus more of their time on strategic issues.


Our advanced system of evaluation, statistics and reports provides a wide yet personalized view of the progress and success of each individual learner.

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cursos de idiomas- virtual Virtual

Classes wherever and whenever you want via Skype, phone or Web Chat

cursos de idiomas - counseling Tutoring

Your Counselor will help you progress more quicky with your online study.

cursos de idiomas - digital Digital

Online courses via your mobile, tablet or PC.

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