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What is it?

Café is a virtual meeting space that’s open all day long, giving you the opportunity to drop in whenever (and wherever) you want to build fluency with stimulating up-to-the-minute topics about business, lifestyle and current affairs. Sessions are carried out in small groups of 2-6 learners and led by a certified trainer.

Who is it for?

  • Learners looking to complement a Digital program with some live speaking practice.
  • Learners who need to build their confidence speaking in real-world situations.

“It’s so refreshing! Instead of chatting with my colleagues in the kitchen, I take a coffee to my desk, connect to Training Express Café, and chat about all sorts of interesting things with people from all around the world. Fascinating and fun. :-).” "

R.W., Spain

Café Advantages


Café is designed to simulate a real-world environment as closely as possible with mixed levels, popular topics, and a relaxed informal style.


We use special activities with news, videos, and articles from across the web to generate stimulating conversations that are so fun you’ll forget you’re learning.

Dawn to dusk

Convenient half-hour sessions are available around the clock, so it’s easy to make a coffee break in English part of your normal routine.


Café has been designed as an economical addition to Digital or Virtual programs, particularly for learners who need a bit more practice with live speaking.

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