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What is it?

Coach is our flagship service, designed to deliver the biggest impact in the shortest possible time. The service consists of one-to-one sessions (online or by phone) with a dedicated Premium Coach who will guide you through a totally personalized program based on your individual learning goals. Sessions are scheduled at a regular time to build the habit of learning, but can be easily rescheduled online when unexpected meetings or travel come up.

Who is it for?

  • Learners who want to progress one complete level per year.
  • Learners who need to make big improvements as quickly as possible (with our intensive format of Training Express Coach).

“Louise was the best Coach! Patient, motivating and so good at explaining things. She’s also been a friend. I’m so much more con dent in meetings and working on projects with colleagues from another countries. Thank you!"

DM, China

Coach Advantages

Highly Effectively

With a fixed timetable and dedicated trainer, Coach ensures that you build the habit of learning and work progressively towards your goals, week in, week out.

Structured curriculum

Coach is based on a comprehensive structured curriculum of thousands of activities developed with European Union funding.

Premium Trainers

We recruit only the top 1% of trainers who apply to Training Express; in other words, the best of the best. They’re all native-speakers with formal teaching quali cations and extensive experience.


Can’t make a class?No problem. You can reschedule up to 50% of your programmed sessions with your dedicated trainer, or do your class with someone di erent, as you prefer.

Feedback Reports

During each session, your trainer will record your mistakes, pronunciation issues, new words and grammar tips which you can then later review through personalized ashcards or curated lists.

Proven Results

Coach has helped tens of thousands of learners in 150+ countries make a dramatic breakthrough in their ability to work in another language.

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