The key to confidance and fluency

What is it?

Conversation is designed to build your confidence and fluency in English at the most affordable price. It consists of flexible one-to-one sessions (online or by phone) that can be booked whenever and wherever you want, with either activities proposed by your trainer or projects you’re dealing with at work.

Who is it for?

  • Learners who need to improve their speaking skills on a limited budget.
  • Learners looking for a basic maintenance program.

“My written English is good, but when it comes to speaking, I just freeze! Training Express Conversation gave me the con dence to speak up, to participate. I feel so much more uent now. And a lot less stressed!”

J.C. France

Conversation Advantages


100% focused on your goals, your interests, and your weaknesses. One-to-one sessions with a certi ed trainer that makes it all about you.


Conversation has been designed to give you the maximum amount of live speaking time at the best possible price.


We use special activities with news, videos, and articles from across the web to generate stimulating conversations that are so fun you’ll forget you’re learning.


Book sessions whenever you want, connect them to your personal calendar, review them on our mobile app, or reschedule in seconds if something unexpected comes up.

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