Department & Division-based programs

What is it?

Teams is like a traditional face-to-face group training program with one important difference; it’s in the Cloud. That means learners from different regions can be grouped together based on their department, division, or any other criteria of your choosing. For example, a team of European marketing leaders could work together on a specialized language program that’s specific to their typical projects, terminology and key skills.

Who is it for?

  • Learners looking for an alternative to traditional face-to-face group classes.
  • Learners who work in English with colleagues from other countries and regions.

“There’s something special about connecting with my colleagues from around the world to study together. We are able to work on activities and projects that are relevant to our department and I’ve developed much stronger relationships with people who are important to my career”

J.K., Poland

Teams Advantages


Training Express Teams enables you to run your training programs with specific groups that unite interests, skills, and expertise while superseding the limits of geography.

Premium Trainers

We recruit only the top 1% of trainers who apply to Training Express; in other words, the best of the best. They’re all native- speakers with formal teaching quali cations and extensive experience.


By grouping learners by division, department and level, our trainers can personalize both the learning path and activities to the unique characteristics of each group.



Teams can run on either Citrix Go-to-Meeting or Webex depending on your company’s internal standards, as you prefer.

Feedback Reports

During each session, your trainer will record mistakes, pronunciation issues, new words and grammar tips which you can then later review through personalized ashcards or curated lists.


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