Accent Reduction Training

Task Specific

What is it?

In this course you will learn and practice key phonetic and phonology concepts to help you speak more naturally in English. You will learn how to use intonation and stress to sound more natural and develop the ability to talk with ease and confidence in many different situations.


Course Content

The course includes the following topics, among others:

  1. Vowel Sounds
  2. Fricatives and Non-fricatives
  3. Back and Front Channeling
  4. Rhythm & Pitch
  5. Intonation & Inflection
  6. Connected Speech & Discourse Markers

What am I going to achieve?

You will learn and practice the following techniques to use your voice effectively when talking in English, including:

  • Vowel sounds: long and short, back and central, etc
  • Fricatives and non-fricatives: /s/ and /z/, /v/ and /f/, etc.
  • Back and front channeling: okay, really, I see, etc
  • Rhythm and pitch: high pitch, low pitch, rising pitch, scoop pitch, etc
  • Intonation and inflection: expressing emotion through your voice
  • Connected speech and discourse markers: making your language sound as natural as possible