Email Communication

Task Specific

What is it?

In this course, you will learn the language you need to help you correspond more effectively in English. You’ll be able to understand and reply to emails more quickly, efficiently and accurately Soon, you’ll be sorting through your inbox with confidence and making your work time more productive!


Course Content

The following topics are covered in the course:

  1. Fundamentals of Emailing
  2. Common Mistakes / Formal & Informal Writing
  3. Useful Language / Email Structure
  4. Disagreeing, Linking Words & Hedging
  5. Complaints & Apologies
  6. Putting it all Together

What am I going to achieve?

You will learn and practice relevant language to:

  • Open and close emails and discuss different email styles
  • Discuss common mistakes when writing in English and practice writing invitations
  • Use verbs in formal and informal writing and review punctuation rules
  • Disagree politely, hedge and use linking words
  • Write letters or emails to complain, apologize and/or make requests
  • Understand general email etiquette, British & American English, commonly misspelled words​
  • Practice writing emails and receive feedback from a Specialized Trainer