Active Participation in Meetings

Task Specific

What is it?

Do you ever feel uncomfortable when participating in meetings in English? Are you afraid to express your opinions because you don't know the specific language to use? In this course, you will learn all the relevant language to actively participate in meetings in English and make a great impression with your international colleagues.


Course Content

The following topics are covered in the course:

  1. Setting Up a Meeting
  2. Opening & Chairing a Meeting
  3. Meeting Productivity and Management
  4. Closing a Meeting & Follow-up

What am I going to achieve?

You will learn and practice relevant language to:

  • Set up meetings and make polite requests

  • Open a meeting and introduce participants
  • Use signposting language to move through the meeting agenda efficiently
  • Ensure maximum participation by using appropriate language to control who participates and speaks
  • Use and understand appropriate idioms and phrasal verbs commonly used in meetings
  • Bring the meeting to a close effectively and politely
  • Establish action points for tasks to be carried out
  • Give a verbal and written summary of a meeting