Job specific

What is it?

Do you ever feel held back by your language when trying to manage Human Resources in an international environment? In this course, you will learn all the language you need to effectively manage recruitment and selection, training and development, compensation and benefits, and all the other key functions related to this area in English.


Course Content

The following topics are covered in the course:

  1. The Recruitment Process
  2. Selection Processes
  3. Interview Techniques
  4. Decision Making
  1. Compensation & Benefits
  2. Training & Development
  3. Managing Performance
  4. Talent Management & Employee Relations

What am I going to achieve?

You will learn and practice relevant language to:

  • Outline key stages of the recruitment process and write a clear and accurate job description
  • Distinguish between hard and soft skills and personality traits, and use the correct tenses to talk about someone's work experience and qualifications
  • Ask questions on appropriate topics to find out what you need to know about potential employees and put candidates at ease
  • Participate in meetings to choose the most suitable candidate
  • Describe different options for compensating employees
  • Write training plans and describe development opportunities
  • Carry out performance evaluation and give feedback
  • Manage talent and employee relations within the company