Top 10 HR Trends for 2017

In this infographic you can see the prediction of what will be the top 10 HR trends in 2017. The HR Trend Institute evaluates how teams are becoming a more important aspect to companies, how technology can help efficiency and how there is a rise of a new HR professional. In addition, they consider the impact that consumerisation is having in the office. Consumerisation is a popular trend that we are seeing in our personal lives that it is pouring into the offices and inside the HR departments. Performance consulting is another trend that can be seen in organizations. Since many companies have retired the traditional numerical method of rating employees, companies now look to give quality feedback. Algorithm aversion is a trend that is considered to be a problem with the HR department. Many managers prefer to rely on personal instincts than on the data that HR provides. HR operations are considered to be undervalued over the years and here we look at how in 2017 there will be an increase of attention in operations. A newer trend, closely related to consumerisation is the collection of data in real time. Now companies are able to know more and more about their employees. It seems that everyone is willing to share data when it is to their benefit. Returning to the office is a trend we expect to see this year. As people return to work they expect their working conditions to be similar to their personal life. Employees want to have a work environment that reflects the life they live outside of work. Reading these top 10 HR trends will help you decide what to focus on in your company. There are many trends that are currently emerging in HR.  Don’t get behind on what is happening in HR today, read on!