Training Express – Proud sponsors of the 5th HR Minds Forum in Berlin

Training Express, leaders in corporate language and communication skills training are proud to sponsor the 5th HR Minds Forum taking place in Berlin on the 29th and 30th September.

The leading experts in Human Resources from around the world are coming together in Berlin to discuss the latest trends in the sector. Today in the 21st Century, it is crucial for every Human Resources professional to keep up-to-date with current trends, not only within their area of expertise, but also to gain knowledge in other areas, such as where to find the best talent and retaining it, as much globally as locally.

How to develop the right strategy for the right person; what motivates the new generation of workers or how they can benefit from new technologies in order to pinpoint the perfect candidate. These are just some of the questions that will be tabled over the two day event by specialists in the different fields of Human Resources.

Some of the topics on the cards will be;

  • Change Management. How to manage human capital during organisational changes.
  • Attract Top Talent. Developing behavioural evaluation tools to guarantee that the employee is the best matched to the business.
  • Technology in Human Resources. Finding out about the latest practices regarding software and advances in technology.


Benjamin Joseph, the CEO of Training Express, will talk about the “Consumerisation of Learning”, the latest growing trend in learning with its roots in new technologies and the way in which we absorb and process information and ultimately how this affects training departments within large multinational companies.


Training Express is a language consulting company, leading in the design, implementation and project management of large-scale, global language and skills training programs for businesses.