Training Express sponsors the 3rd HR coreAcademy in Brussels

Training Express, leader in language and soft skills training in the corporate market is participating in the HRcoreACADEMY, Brussels on 19th & 20th October 2016. The event will bring together some of the most important minds in Human Resources with the purpose of enabling dialogue and debate and where participants can both learn and share their own expertise and experiences.

Benjamin Joseph, CEO of Training Express, will give a talk and share his experiences on the Consumerisation of Learning, one of the biggest challenges facing Human Resources and more specifically Learning & Development departments and Corporate Academies.

With the explosion in internet technologies and more significantly the boom in mobile internet over the last number of years we’ve seen a massive shift in how we consume information and how we learn. The fact that we now have massive banks of information at our fingertips, with easy, “always on” access from any device and anyplace, has driven this change but also brought about this new set of challenges, never seen in the history of learning before.

According to Bersin by Deloitte, 66% of Human Resources Directors report problems in getting employees to engage with the training programs they’re offering, irrespective of the types of training involved. This has led to the failure of training programs and an increased number of unsatisfied employees – so, why are millennials showing such a lack of interest in the training programs their companies offer? Other studies have shown training and education to be one of their top priorities!

For Benjamin, the answer lies in the disconnect between learners and HR and a lack of understanding of their internal client, the so-called New Learners. According to Bersin’s study, today’s learners are super-saturated, distracted and impatient and can only dedicate 1% of their time to training, making them all the more demanding. They want their training programs to be mobile, on-demand, collaborative as well as be given a choice in the content they’re studying.

Training Express, language and skills training consultants have established a strong following among clients who recognise their unique ability to continuously and constantly address their needs. Training Express have developed their products and services to be ever more flexible and agile whilst never renouncing quality and the all-important engagement factor.
Put another way, they’ve been evolving towards a B2B2C model that aligns with the needs of both modern companies and learners alike in this new consumer focussed learning environment.

Companies need to adapt to these new models in order to achieve real and meaningful engagement amongst their employees (the client) and start to consider this in much the same way as a typical sales process with its three golden rules:

1) know your client well
2) communicate your message and educate your client

3) offer solutions aligned to their needs.