Training Express sponsored the 5th European HR Directors Business Summit in Barcelona

The 5th European HR Directors’ Business Summit was held in Barcelona on the 27th and 28th May. This event brought together more than 70 Human Resources Directors from some of the most important European Companies, such as Affinity Petcarom Alcon, Merc, Mitshubishy, Roche, Sanofi and Vodafone.

The meeting was focused on the future strategies of professionals, where leadership and the ability to create an innovative culture are the main concerns.


Some of the topics raised were:


  • 52% of Human Resources professionals see leadership as their main objective in the next 3 to 5 years.
  • For this reason, leadership development must be a priority in terms of investment.
  • The second main topic for HR leaders is cost reduction.
  • 59% consider the evolution of business and team management strategies as of their main priorities.
  • Leadership development.

Here you can watch an interview where Training Express CEO, Benjamin Joseph, discusses such topics.