Training Express takes part in the 6th European HR Directors Business Summit

The 6th European HR Directors Business Summit will take place in Amsterdam on 31 May and 1 June. This annual event brings together human resources directors from some of the leading companies in Europe to discuss the latest news and developments within the sector.

This year’s summit will focus on leadership as part of HR strategy, with debates and talks about the latest trends and techniques in talent acquisition, leadership development and employee engagement, illustrated with practical case studies involving companies from a wide range of sectors.

The following subjects will be addressed, among others:

  • Bringing human resources in line with the new reality that surrounds us and its role as a business driver.
  • Developing and implementing inclusion and diversity as a business imperative.
  • Engaging all leaders to mitigate unconscious bias and become inclusive leaders.
  • Leveraging diversity for innovation and performance.


Another hot topic is the “consumerisation of learning”. Dan Tesnjak, Head of Global Business Development  of the Training Express Group will be giving a talk on the latest trends that are reshaping learning and development, the emergence of the B2B2C model (business to business to consumer) for corporate L&D, and the role that suppliers play in this process.


The summit will feature prominent figures like Ebay, IBM, Philips and BBVA and will include open discussions, talks and networking events to address best practices in the fields of human resources, work and technology.